Blue penguins feature for Year 10

NZ curriculum logo croppedWith input from the Trust, Buller High School senior science teacher, Erica Jar, has developed class notes for the Year 10 ecology curriculum that focus on local wildlife – blue penguins.

The West Coast Penguin Trust’s education project has focussed on primary school children in the past, producing an educational resource for teachers and youth leaders to use with children aged 5-9, and the focus of our Education Ranger, Lucy Waller, remains largely primary school aged children, supporting teachers to use the resource.

However, we are keen to extend the learning about local penguins to senior school students and biology teacher Erica Jar has provided an ideal vehicle for that to happen. 

Last year, Lucy developed notes and suggestions about how blue penguins could fit into the curriculum and Erica has developed that material into teacher notes and lesson plans.  She has kindly allowed us to make those notes and plans available:

You can find out more about our education project here: