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Kororā and tawaki – blue and Fiordland crested penguins – need help from us all.

The Trust needs your support to maintain our research, as well as practical solutions and education projects to ensure that these penguins thrive.

Everyone loves penguins! We have been motivated to do all that we do as we have seen penguin numbers declining. We have also been encouraged and inspired by our many supporters. We’re appealing to you now to help us do our work. We continue to commit to doing all we can to understand the threats and then address them so that penguin populations are more secure and they and their habitats are thriving.

We’re inviting you to become a Supporter and commit to an annual donation to ensure we can carry on with the important job of penguin conservation.

Simply donate $50 annually to become a Supporter now, here.

Or become a Supporter for Life with a one-off donation of $500, here.

Your donation will

  • ensure we set up and monitor cameras and analyse the data to better manage the threats to tawaki
  • help keep our blue penguin protection fence secure and keep penguins from being killed on the Coast road
  • enable us to explore and develop new research projects and practical solutions to protect penguins
  • make sure we continue and extend our education programme so that children grow up valuing penguins and in fact nature, and share those values with their families and communities,
  • and lots more.

Every Supporter will go into an annual draw for a very special reward.  and the first one will take place for the first 30 new Supporters.

The first draw was for a stunning framed print, “Blue Lake II” kindly donated by Trust Patron, Craig Potton – won by Christine Stet – read about it here. So don’t delay, come on board – this is something you can do for penguin conservation.

"Blue Lake II" by Craig Potton
“Blue Lake II” – Craig Potton

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