Cobden Primary School

Cobden School students live right by the beach and local penguin colonies. They see their tracks regularly and often have run ins with penguins, some positive, some negative. Many have noticed the habitat is declining and there are fewer safe places for the penguins to nest. It is a popular dog walking place and dog roaming place unfortunately. So they embarked on a mission to make things better for their penguins! They joined forces with West Coast Penguin Trust and gathered the materials, the knowledge and the expertise and built nest boxes, installed them and did a beach clean up at the same time. Great work Cobden Kids!


Cobden Kids build and install nest boxes for their local penguin colony as the erosion affects the area


Choosing where to install the boxes and how you do it are very important factors to the success rate of the nest box


Local penguin expert Bill from Guardians of Paroa Trust leads the way with deciding where the nest boxes will go and how we work as teams to install them. Bill has been a guardian of these penguins for decades and we were very grateful to have him on board.
The Cobden Crew saving penguins!


Learning about the species they are trying to protect with education ranger Lucy


This little cute bird can be squeezed into any subject it seems!


Drawing and labeling a kororā helps to learn about the anatomy and adaptations of a penguin


Students take a penguin quiz to find out what they know before their sessions with the education ranger and then after


Cobden kids engage in penguin learning with their own drawings of kororā


Follow the instructions of the education ranger and step by step you create a blue penguin


Classroom learning about penguins


Cobden Primary School were picked by a TV group to cover a local story on penguins. They were interviewed in the penguin colony and their conservation message went nationwide


Erosion is causing a huge problem for little blue penguins on the West Coast


The students did so well with the interviews and having all the equipment around them. They were very keen to get the word out for penguin protection

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