A gift in your will helps the West Coast Penguin Trust to protect little blue penguins – kororā, Fiordland crested penguins – tawaki, Westland petrels – tāiko, and other threatened seabirds.

If you are one of the four in ten New Zealanders who have not yet written a will, you are clearly not alone.

Gathered Here has recently launched a free online will-writing service in New Zealand to make it simpler and more accessible for all adults.  Provided you don’t have great complexity to your family and your estate, their easy to use template will help you write your will in no time.


Start writing your online will for free


Not only have Gathered Here made this task, one that so many of us keep putting off, very easy, they have also linked it to charities like the West Coast Penguin Trust.  They have found that many people would like to include their favourite charity or charities in their will but don’t know how.  As a result, only a few percent of wills include charities.  But by using this simple template, that percentage rises significantly, as people like you and me are enabled to add a charity, or more than one charities, very easily.

For these reasons, the West Coast Penguin Trust has partnered with Gathered Here to offer you the opportunity to write your free online will and receive unlimited updates for life. Get rid of that nagging worry that you really should have done it by now!

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… and one click from that page takes you to the template and gets you started.

There is no need to include our charity or any charity.  The free template can be used by anyone.  It will prompt you to consider how your estate should be divided, who should be your executors, who you would like to receive precious items and other handy things like looking after your pet and your funeral wishes.

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