Tracy returns Falcon the tawaki to the beach

An injured tawaki was reported to DOC, who picked it up and took it to the local West Coast vets in Hokitika.

The penguin needed stitches for a wound to the abdomen and then he or she, was taken to rehabilitator, Tracy Johnston-Coates for care until well enough for release.

Falcon rests and recuperates in his comfy enclosure
Falcon rests and recuperates in his comfy enclosure

The penguin was named Falcon following the alphabet for new residents, and spent three weeks regaining strength and getting ready for release, with great help from New World Hokitika’s fresh fish folk and Westfleet in Greymouth who kindly provided fish for Falcon.

After three weeks, the stitches were dissolving, the wound was healed and Falcon was keen to return to the ocean, so keen in fact that she pushed the mesh away from the frame of the enclosure, which had to be reinforced!

After a quick visit to the vet when the wound was checked and an identification chip inserted, Falcon was taken to the beach for release.

She seemed to acknowledge her human helpers before heading away.

Falcon stretches her wings
Falcon stretches her wings before heading to the sea