tawaki survey map

Robin Long’s survey of 40km of the rugged north coast of Stewart Island for tawaki has been published in Notornis, the journal of the Ornithological Society of NZ, this month.

Robin, the Trust’s new Chair, has been surveying tawaki nests since the age of 14.  In recent years, she has extended the search from South Westland to Stewart Island to help better understand the range and size of the tawaki population there.

Last year, in 2020, along with Simon Litchwark, she surveyed the coast of Port Pegasus and, the year before, they surveyed a section of the northern coast.

The rigorous process of write up and peer review of a report covering the 2019 survey has resulted in the publication of a paper by the pair in the latest edition of Notornis, 68(3): pages 183–187.

They conclude that a significant breeding population is present and needs to be considered in future management plans for the species.

Also that additional surveys to cover the remaining coastline would be useful.

Read the paper here.