Join with us in acknowledging World Albatross Day this year.

Following on from last year’s World Albatross Day theme of “Eradicating Island Pests”, ACAP’s (Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels) chosen theme for 2021 is “Ensuring Albatross-friendly Fisheries”.  The large number of albatrosses and petrels killed by fisheries was the main driving force for the establishment of ACAP two decades ago and addressing this continuing conservation problem remains an important part of ACAP’s ongoing work.

Did you know that there exist 22 albatross species in the World? And that they can fly 16,000 kms without returning to land? These spectacular birds are being recognised globally for one day. In support of World Albatross Day ACAP intends to highlight one or more of the 22 albatross species each year with posters and other artworks.  The featured species chosen for 2021 are the two most threatened albatrosses, both categorized by IUCN as Critically Endangered (defined as facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild).The two Critically Endangered albatrosses, the Tristan of Gough Island and the Waved from the Galapagos, have been chosen to serve as ‘feature species’ to draw attention to the continuing threats all the world’s species of albatrosses face at sea from fisheries.

It is hoped that as many organizations, schools, Trusts, members of the public will be able to use the resources created by ACAP to support their own celebrations of World Albatross Day as 19 June approaches – and on the day itself.  They may all be found in the World Albatross Day section on the ACAP website (, accessible from the home page.  Please contact ACAP’s Information Officer if you have any difficulty finding or downloading any of the items mentioned.

ACAP has produced a series of posters depicting the two species which can be freely downloaded from its website.  Two infographics have also been produced which aim to highlight the threats the two species face in an informative and readily understandable way.  Also available are two-page attractively illustrated species summaries for all the albatrosses that are aimed for school learners and teachers, and the general public, being written in non-technical language.  And a quiz and word scramble.

Did you know that the oldest known wild bird in the world is a 69-year old Laysan Albatross? Find out some more facts about this fascinating bird by taking ACAP’s quiz.

Join with us to celebrate World Albatross Day June 19th!