Perfect planting for penguins!

A wonderful turnout on a cold Sunday morning ensured planting of flax, cabbage trees and broad leaf plants by Hokitika scouts (including Jacob Macpherson and Cade McInnes, left), their parents and leaders, members of Forest & Bird and supporters of the Trust as part of this habitat restoration project.

The Hokitika Scouts have planted natives at this penguin habitat restoration project site on the northern outskirts of Hokitika on previous occasions and on Sunday 17th June, they were joined by other locals.  The West Coast branch of Forest & Bird has kindly made a generous contribution towards the restoration project and local members were invited to join in along with local supporters of the Trust. 

The section of dunes between the beach and paddocks has no vegetation protection to provide nesting habitat for penguins, although penguins are nesting nearby under  both flax and blackberry.   A big pile of flax provided by WestRoads was broken up and trimmed by the enthusiastic volunteers at the start of Volunteer Awareness Week.  Others planted the various plants, filling the gap in the dune vegetation with new plants every couple of metres.


In addition, following the lead of the Guardians of Paroa, small ramps were made and highlighted with shells and pebbles for the penguins to gain access to the dunes past the small erosion cliff.  Here, Jessica shows off the path she has created.

The Trust would like to thank all those wonderful people who turned up and helped – there was a great community spirit as we started with the scouts, and gradually others joined in, some coming straight from their Sunday morning church service – thank you all – we couldn’t have done it without you!
Click here for more photos of the morning’s planting.