Fundraising in any number of ways

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This is an absolutely critical function for the trust, it’s endless and sometimes frustrating and disappointing, perhaps when carefully worded funding applications fail.  But, with funding support apparently gone from DOC, it’s more important and more urgent than ever.

Fundraising can fill people with dread, especially when asking for donations or sponsorship.  And yet the joy of the fundraiser is to connect a cause to someone who didn’t know the cause existed and would love to help.  Instead of ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’, it’s more like ‘if you don’t ask, how will they know you need it?’.

And we need donations and sponsorship now and always to maintain the valuable and valued work that we do for penguins, other seabirds, and their habitat in our region – on land and at sea.

Fundraising can take many forms – donations at an event, via a donation box, via credit card on a website or via direct bank payment; grants that may need a short letter or a huge application process; finding and keeping a sponsor that shares our vision; adding the trust to a will; doing an event for a chosen charity, perhaps a race; a raffle table … and no doubt many more – it’s up to you!

If you can help with any of these, we would welcome your contribution, you could be our guardian angel.

Please get in touch via, or pick up the phone to our Manager, Inger, 3 755 8600

Thank you very much