blue penguin on nest

The 2021/22 year has been one of change and loss for the trust, but also of productivity and hope for the future.

Trust Chair, Robin Long, introduces the annual report and explained:

“Overshadowing all of our work throughout the year, our inspiration, guide, scientist, and Chair for most of the Trust’s existence, Kerry-Jayne Wilson MNZM, battled cancer and sadly died at the end of March.  She had bounced back remarkably well to attend our February meeting, and achieved her long held ambition to write and publish the acclaimed New Zealand Seabirds: A Natural History in October, also managing to do interviews as it was launched.

“The loss to the trust and to seabird conservation in Australasia is immense.

“But Kerry-Jayne has left a powerful legacy.  Thanks to her guidance, the trust’s work has always been solidly grounded in scientific knowledge and not assumption.  Our vision is that threatened seabirds and their habitats thrive and we will continue to strive towards achieving that in her memory.”

Follow the link below to read the full report, including summaries of the trust’s various projects and programmes of work and our appreciation for all those who help and support us.

2022 West Coast Penguin Trust Annual Report