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Kaniere School tracks penguins

25th September, 2012

Kaniere School children point to penguin footprints on Hokitika beachKaniere School children enjoyed a field trip to the beach on the northern edge of Hokitika recently, to discover who or what was using it. They found lots of penguin tracks and other bird and animal footprints, as well as plenty of evidence of humans.

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The Westland Petrel – Close Up

26th September, 2012

Yesterday on TVNZ’s Close Up programme, the Trust’s media adviser, Robyn Janes, returned to a previous role as reporter for Close up and brought New Zealanders a glimpse of the Westland Petrel.  View the short film here: Private life of the Westland Petrel on Close Up

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Spring Newsletter available now

7th October, 2012

Welcome to our packed Spring Newsletter!  Spring Newsletter 2012  A lot has been happening since the last newsletter … Read more

Desktop penguins

24th October, 2012

Little Blue PenguinWould you like to be welcomed to your computer by a little blue penguin or two?  The Trust has made some wonderful images available for you to download as desktop images here.

Cycle trail bypasses penguins

10th April, 2013

Little blue penguins in nest boxThe West Coast Wilderness Cycle Trail will bypass a thriving penguin colony at Camerons near Greymouth.  Read more

New Trustee welcomed

24th April, 2013

Kim McPherson 2012Kim McPherson is delighted to have been invited to join the Trust as a Trustee.  She brings experience in ecotourism as well as in community work through her involvement in the Scouting movement. 

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Planting working bee, Cobden Island 10th May

29th April, 2013

Cobden breakwater wetland project photoAs part of the Cobden Wetland restoration (Northern Breakwater) project, DOC has been working to restore wetland habitat.  You are invited to join local DOC staff at 10am on Friday 10th May to help planting and join in a BBQ afterwards. Read more

Blue Penguin highway death toll rising

4th September, 2013
penguin sign coast roadLR
Look out for the penguin signs like this on the coast road.

A heart breaking sight greeted Blue Penguin Trust supporter and Fox River resident, Fiona McDonald last Sunday, yet another blue penguin road death.  To make matters worse, this penguin was one of just six counted in the area as part of the 2013 Blue Penguin census. Fiona picked up no less than three penguins killed on this stretch of the coast road last month, adding to the sad statistics for penguin road deaths.

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Nest Checking at Charleston

19th September, 2013

Update on breeding season by Blue Penguin Trust Media Liaison Anna Hollings

Friday the thirteenth seemed like a very auspicious day to go out with Reuben on his nest checking rounds at Charleston, and we were certainly lucky with the weather. It was a beautiful sunny day and I even managed to get some good photos of adult penguins sitting on their nests that weren’t too dark and blurry.

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Satellite Tracking for West Coast Penguins

31st October, 2013
Satellite Tracing for West Coast Penguins
A longer than average swim for a blue penguin; 90 k’s in just one day.

In a first for the West Coast, the West Coast Blue Penguin Trust has undertaken a pilot programme to see where little blue penguins go to find food.

The study will use Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking technology to monitor the penguins as they head out into the Tasman Sea to find food for their chicks. Eight tiny GPS units were attached to blue penguins at Charleston in October and their foraging journeys can now be mapped.

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